The SCEGE Student Council

The SCEGE Student Council is the highest student governing body of the School of Civil, Environmental, and Geological Engineering.

Whose goals are to:

  1. Promote camaraderie between the students of the School of CEGE by creating activities, events, and other relevant projects.
  2. It is the Faculty/Admin recognized and mandated student body in assisting and bridging the Students and the Department.
  3. The SCEGE Student Council is under the jurisdiction and are required to assist the Mapua University Central Student Council (the highest student governing body in Mapua University), and Mapua University Council of Presidents (the union of student councils in Mapua University)



To establish a Student Council that shall represent and unite the whole SCEGE community, protect and promote student rights and welfare, and foster a stronger solidarity among students and other sectors of the society with the help of organizations under SCEGE. 



The SCEGE-SC shall help the whole community to contribute to maintaining and enhancing student life in all the relevant aspects that includes but not limited to academic and social areas. The SCEGE-SC shall be the catalyst to encourage and support active participation of all students in community engagement projects; to improve transparency through consistent communication with the students; and to mediate the gap between the students and the faculty. 


Faculty Advisers:

Engr. Charity Hope A. Gayatin


Central Student Council Representative: Gerardo Jose B. Catangui V

President: Ma. Anne Lyn B. Lavadia

Internal Vice President: Lexus Lyndon P. Amog

External Vice President: Anizza Marie D. Sakilan

Executive Secretary: Krystal Ysavel P. Almeria

Assistant Secretary: Justin Owen P. Mendoza


Secretary of Finance: Jersen Roy Y. Señeris

Secretary of Audit: Bj Deogenes R. Tadiwan

Secretary of Budget & Management: John Patrick J. Santos

Secretary of Scholarship Affairs: Loren Gayle M. Maghari

Secretary of Non-Academic Affairs: Alexis Czar A. Migote

Secretary on Logistics: Fernando Andre R. Cala

Secretary on Information & Correspondence: Johnoricks Ace C. Catling

Secretary on Amusement & Recreation: John Ace B. Quilang

Secretary on Welfare & Development:Genie Lyne M. Manuel

4th Year Representative: Charles Denz Niel B. Edera

3rd Year Representative: Mike Andrean M. Sy

2nd Year Representative: John Patrick E. Buena



  1. Francesca Marie M. Victorino
  2. Abel Josef D. Reyes
  3. Patricia Dolores Victoria S. Rodriguez
  4. Latrell Andrei Q. Cabanting



  1. Lance Rafael R. Jimenez
  2. Faith Marie B. Rico
  3. Lanreb Cristopher R. Bernal
  4. Ryan Austin D. Mendoza
  5. Janica Pauline N. Oquendo


  1. Thea Eunice R. Francisco
  2. Graciela A. Castallas
  3. Louise Danielle B. Panghulan


  1. Ryan Alfred P. Juan
  2. Joshua Paul G. David
  3. Jarlah Francine A. Borero
  4. Juan Miguel M. Malicdem


  1. Kiarra Jewel M. Jao
  2. Anabelle S. Consolacion
  3. Loren Margaret C. Palad


  1. Andrea Isabelle L. Enciso
  2. Razielle Louisse R. Gabuyo
  3. Paul Justine L. Antonio

Contact Information:

Contact Persons:

            Ma. Anne Lyn B. Lavadia

Lexus Lyndon P. Amog

Anizza Marie D. Sakilan

Krystal Ysavel P. Almeria