Mapúans awarded best research presentation in the 2020 ICETEST in Bangkok

Three Construction Engineering and Management students of Mapua University -School of Civil, Environmental, and Geological Engineering garnered 'Best Research Paper Presentation' award in the recently concluded 4th International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering, Science and Technologies (ICETEST-2020).

Kimberly L. Quintana, Gezelle M. Cangco and John Oliver S. Manaois, under the tutelage of their advisers ASEAN Engineer Dr. Dante L. Silva and Associate Dean Engr. Bernard S. Villaverde, staged the international podium last Feb 26-27 in Bangkok, Thailand.

They presented their research entitled “Importance Ranking of Triple Constraints in Construction Project Management: A Transfer Function Selection Operating on Back Propagation Neural Network coupled with Feature Reduction Approach” which crossbred construction management field with applications of both Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network modeling.

A total of 50 authors from 36 different countries participated in the said conference. Furthermore, the full research paper will be published in the International Journal on Emerging Technologies, a Scopus indexed journal.