COVID-19 Innovations by Mapǔa's School of Civil, Environmental and Geological Engineering

The School of Civil, Environmental and Geological Engineering led by Dean Francis Aldrine A. Uy, in collaboration with engineers from other departments and USHER Technologies made 2 innovations to support our government's efforts to fight COVID-19.

The first was a low cost mobile disinfection chamber also known as the "GOCLEAN Chamber". The idea is for these chambers to be placed in all entrances and requires people to get disinfected before they can go inside the building. The disinfection happens for a few seconds, wherein a mist of ethyl alcohol is emitted inside the chamber.

The next innovation is the COVID-19 swab test booth. Its design was based on Korean testing booths with negative pressure to prevent air from circulating and to protect the health worker from getting infected from the aerosol generating procedure being performed. The test booth is disinfected after every swab procedure which will help reduce PPE replacements by the health worker. More people are expected to get tested with the improved testing operation.