11th Week Exit Examinations

Exit Exam Registration Procedures                 

  1. The registration for the 11th week exit exam will be conducted via the Internet.
  2. If you are unable to take the exit exam previously but paid for the certain exam, just indicate “pd” after the name and present your receipt on the date of the exam.
  3. For online registration, enroll in the specific exit exam/s by filling out the information needed on the URL provided.
  4. The registration will start on October 14, 2019 and end October 19, 2019, 5 PM.
  5. The date of examinations shall be posted after the end of the registration.
  6. Exit exams will not be billed if you are not able to register via the Internet.
  7. Indicate a working email address. The schedule of 11th week exit exam will be posted on this bulletin or sent via email after the end of the registration.


CE121X                      https://forms.gle/7XUadmAM9pRo7t8o6

Ce132x                       https://forms.gle/pQtkSP3qjQWj45aFA

CE140-1PX                 https://forms.gle/aupnS4Dgu2uhksFW6

MEC32X (CE ONLY)   https://forms.gle/MARuSAbhwgvLk9Cy8

MEC32 (NON CE)       https://forms.gle/jEU2E3uASdyenXsf8

CE162PX                     https://forms.gle/gBShGg7r72XFsDeW8


GEO170X                    https://forms.gle/hipg5X7WqXaAh6pX7

GEO162X                    https://forms.gle/wuk26mQiw9nKGL1z7

GEO157X                    https://forms.gle/4SQ7H38KDkrZ19bk9

GEO156X                    https://forms.gle/RiDRzeFDoNaJEpy3A

GEO151X                    https://forms.gle/czjysbUzdXnP4cgMA

GEO125X                    https://forms.gle/PM6tMmm7dDAfx1R1A


ESE157X                      https://forms.gle/hoS4vjtZpfs5QkpS8

ESE156X                      https://forms.gle/kFVEVqvaL7PPXQfQ9

ESE144X                      https://forms.gle/2X9L2MPmeijgzGNq7

ESE122X                      https://forms.gle/uz1ygipJv9kx4FHPA