Soil Mechanics and Materials Laboratory

The Soil Mechanics and Materials Testing Laboratory is located at the Ground Floor of the South Building at Room S100. It houses the laboratory equipment and apparatus for the Geotechnical Engineering Courses as well as the Construction Engineering Courses. Equipment and apparatus for Soil Analysis include Sieve Pans and Cover, Drying Oven, Permeability De-Airing Tank, Permeameter Pane Board, Unconfined Compression machine, Direct Shear Machine, Tri-Axial Panel Board, Counter Platform Scale, among others. For the Material Tests, available equipment and apparatus for fabrication of samples are Concrete Mixer, Asphalt Oven, Asphalt Penetrometer, Electric Bar Cutter, and others. Material testing, on the other hand, is done at the UTM Center located at the Ground floor of the North Building.