International Construction Project Management Association


The mission of the Organization is to provide a comprehensive, state-of-the-art learning to prepare members for professional and responsible constructor positions with business, industry, consulting firms of government. 


The vision for the Organization is to help and assist members to be a nationally recognized leader in construction engineering and management at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


One of the latest additions to the roster of student organizations of the School of Civil, Environmental and Sanitary & Geological Engineering is the ICPMA-Mapua Student Chapter which was formerly known as IMCEM. ICPMA-Mapua Student Chapter is the first affiliate of International Construction Project Management Association (ICPMA) in South-East Asia. It is an academic organization that serves as a support system for Construction Engineering and Management students of the Mapua Institute of Technology, Intramuros Manila. It was established right before the start of the 1st Term of SY 2011-2012. Its founding faculty adviser is Engr. Fibor J. Tan while Engr. Raul C. Asis was later added as one of the organization’s advisers.

List of Officers and Advisers

President: Galvez, Ralph Marrion A.
Vice President: Estrella, Nathalia Liane Patrice 
Secretary: Jovita, Aprille joy P.
Assistant Secretary: Estoperez, Eza B.
Auditor: Olega, Liana Mariz L.
Treasurer: Peña , Erwin G.
P.R.O. : Hiquiana, Harold P.
COO Representative: Juada, Trina Isabelle B.
Logistics and Supplies: Cordon, Tom Josephus & Ocenar, Kent Justin V.
Student Advisers: Panganiban,Florizza Marie R. & Varquez, Jonah D.

Batch 2012 Representative: Gayutin, Louigi Almond P.
Batch 2013 Representative: Endaya, Trishia May

Student Adviser: Alvarez, James Paul E.
Student Adviser: Sian, Maria Cecilia H.

Adviser: Engr. Melchor Pilones

Contact Information

Email Address:
Facebook Page:
Twitter Page: @ICPMAmapua
Mobile No.: 09266604550